Everyone has heard the old saying “If all you have is a hammer – everything looks like a nail.”  This principle is often observed in surgery where surgeons treat the same problem in every patient with the same surgery and surgical technique.  While this  approach can be considered the “standard of care” for many conditions, variations in patient anatomy or prior surgical treatment can often present a challenge and increased risk of complications.  It is for this reason Dr. Grabow trained to develop expertise in the two SAFEST and LEAST INVASIVE TECHNIQUES allowing him to perform In Office Carpal Tunnel Release under Local Anesthesia. Learn more about our Carpal Tunnel Spa Experience.

He Uses All the Clubs in His Bag

While both techniques are minimally invasive – with incisions smaller than the width of a dime, minimal post-procedure discomfort, and a quick return to activities – the techniques utilize two different imaging and carpal release technologies enabling Dr. Grabow to choose the BEST TECHNIQUE FOR YOUR CARPAL TUNNEL RELEASETAILORED TO YOUR UNIQUE ANATOMY!   When Dr. Grabow is golfing, he uses the best club for each shot based on the ball’s lie, distance, obstacles, hole position, and score.  He applies this same analytical approach to each patient and every surgery to ensure the best outcome possible with the least amount of risk.

Recon Before Every Case

After your initial evaluation with Dr. Grabow, he will perform a detailed ultrasound exam of your carpal tunnel to assess the severity of your condition and to assess the unique anatomy and orientation of the nerves, arteries, and tendons in each hand.  Just like any military exercise  – obtaining a detailed understanding of your “enemy’s” position and potential threats – helps to minimize your risk and maximize the likelihood of success!

Ultrasound Guided Carpal Tunnel Release

WE HELP YOU KEEP THE MUSIC PLAYINGUtilizing specially designed ultrasound equipment to obtain a detailed live view of your carpal tunnel anatomy and the revolutionary UltraGuideCTR cutting system – Dr. Grabow will cure your carpal tunnel under local anesthesia with an incision less than half the width of a dime. No stitches. Minimal discomfort. Most patients return to their normal activities in under a week. You are allowed to drive, use a walker or cane, and perform light activities the day of your procedure.

Endoscopic In Office Carpal Tunnel Release

WE HELP YOU KEEP THE MUSIC PLAYINGIf you are not an ideal candidate for our Ultrasound Guided Carpal Tunnel Release, Dr. Grabow will utilize the Seg-Way Single-Use Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel System by Trice Medical to cure your carpal tunnel. Another cutting-edge technology employed by our practice, it is the first and only fully disposable endoscopic carpal tunnel release system allowing surgeons to perform a wide-awake in-office endoscopic carpal tunnel release under local anesthesia. Just like our ultrasound guided release, there are no stitches, no pain, and only minimal post procedure discomfort, and most return to their normal activities within a week. You are allowed to drive, use a walker or cane, and perform light activities the day of your procedure.

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