Dr. Grabow understands the healing power of music. To help reduce his surgical patients stress and anxiety he plays their favorite music while they enter the operating room and while they go to sleep prior to their procedure. In the clinic, he plays music in each exam room and throughout the office to provide his patients a relaxed and comfortable clinic experience.

For our in-office procedures, Dr. Grabow outfitted our procedure suite to provide our patients a relaxing and immersive surround sound experience, ensuring our patients experience a stress free and pain free spa-like experience while Dr. Grabow cures their carpal tunnel, trigger finger, dupuyrens contracture or other hand condition.


Dr. Grabow shares a special bond and has a debt of gratitude to his father for having introduced him to the joy and wonder of the world of music when he was a young boy out with his dad on Saturday errands. From classical to zydeco and everything in between his father was the ultimate DJ. Many trips he let his son pick the music they listened to but it was always from his dad’s special collection of tapes, challenging him to expand his musical tastes and appreciate every genre of music.

Over the years of Saturday adventures with his dad, a world of music wove a bond between the father and son that they still share today. Now Dr. Grabow has begun to share his father’s love of music with his own son and the music never sounded so good!


Grateful to the talented musicians who bring music to life every day, Dr. Grabow has a special commitment to serving these talented and dedicatd professionals. Having treated hundreds of musicians over the years – Dr. Grabow understands the fear and anxiety musicians experience when they suffer an injury or ailment to their hands.

With his advanced minimally invasive techniques, instrument specific post-procedure hand therapy, and his friendly and understanding bedside manner – Dr. Grabow strives to help reduce his musician patients’ anxiety and enable them to return to the stage or studio as quickly as possible.

Dr. Grabow strives to help reduce his musician patients’ anxiety and enable them to return to the stage or studio as quickly as possible!




Due to the repetitive intensity of playing instruments and years of practice and performing musicians are often affected by two of the most common conditions we treat at our clinic: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Trigger Finger. While initial conservative treatment for these conditions often helps, many have a return of their symptoms often affecting their ability to peform at the same level, intensity, or duration. When this happens – surgery is the only solution.


Relax to Your Favorite Music while Your Hands are Cured

Thanks to our specially designed In-Office Procedure Suite, you will relax to your favorite music on our custom entertainment system while Dr. Grabow cures your carpal tunnel syndrome or trigger finger in minutes under local anesthesia. Our goal is to provide our patients the safest and most advanced minimally invasive techniques while enabing them to avoid the high costs of undergoing surgery at a hospital or surgery center.

Ultrasound Guided Trigger Finger Release


Dr. Grabow uses specially designed ultrasound equipment to obtain a detailed live view of the offending band causing your trigger finger. This technology allows him to safely release your trigger finger with a special instrument or needle requiring only a 1 – 3 mm cut.

No Stitches. Minimal discomfort.

This advanced ultrasound guided procedure – minimizes your post procedure pain and scarring, allowing you a quicker return to the stage or studio.

Many musicians have had this procedure one day and played a gig the following evening.


Ultrasound Guided Carpal Tunnel Release

Using the same specially designed ultrasound equipment and the revolutionary UltraGuideCTR from Sonex Health, Dr. Grabow will cure your carpal tunnel under local anesthesia with an incision less than half the width of a dime.

No stitches. Minimal discomfort. Most patients return to their normal activities in under a week.

For our musicians, you can resume performing as soon as you feel ready. Depending on the hand involved and the instrument(s) you play this may be as soon as the next day.


Endoscopic In Office Carpal Tunnel Release

If you are not an ideal candidate for our Ultrasound Guided Carpal Tunnel Release, Dr. Grabow will utilize the Seg-Way Single-Use Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel System by Trice Medical to cure your carpal tunnel. Another cutting-edge technology employed by our practice, it is the first and only fully disposable endoscopic carpal tunnel release system allowing surgeons to perform a wide-awake in-office endoscopic carpal tunnel release under local anesthesia. Just like our ultrasound guided release, there are no stitches, no pain, and only minimal post procedure discomfort, and most return to their normal activities within a week. For our musicians, you can get back on stage or in the studio as soon as you feel ready.




Dr. Grabow and Concierge Carpal Tunnel and Hand Surgery is a proud member of the Physicians for Musicans Network, a part of the Musician Treatment Foundation. Having completed his fellowship training at the prestigious CV Starr Hand and Upper Extremity Fellowship in Manhattan, Dr. Grabow received extensive training in the unique needs and subtleties of treating professional musicians including members of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra.

Since moving to Las Vegas, Dr. Grabow’s unique fellowship experience has allowed him to provide expert care to the musicians and performers both based locally and those who have traveled to town for his unique expertise in minimally invasive hand procedures for musicians allowing them to return to the stage or studio with minimal downtime.

Due to his specialized training and the commitment to musicians instilled in him during his fellowship, Dr. Grabow was excited to become a member of the Physicians for Musicians Network to help uninsured and underinsured professional musicians who have have suffered shoulder, elbow, wrist, and hand injuries – receive the care they need to Keep the Music Playing.

Additionally, with his extensive experience and expertise in providing Nonsurgical as well as Minimally Invasive In-Office Procedures for many of the common hand conditions affecting musicians (carpal tunnel, trigger finger, hand arthritis, etc.), Dr. Grabow and the Concierge Carpal Tunnel and Hand Surgery Team are also able to offer our uninsured, underinsured, and cash pay patients a substantial cost savings for the treatment of these debilitating conditions!


The Musician Treatment Foundation (MTF) assists in delivering free and low-cost surgical and nonsurgical care for the shoulder, elbow, and hand injuries of uninsured and underinsured professional musicians. MTF is dedicated to fostering a world that cares for its injured musicians regardless of their ability to pay so they can maintain their livelihoods and keep the music playing for us all.

Professional musicians can spend over 90% of a year performing live on the road, away from personal and medical support systems. Injuries can arise without warning from the repetitive intensity of playing instruments and from unexpected accidents. MTF is a unique nonprofit – in design, scope, and breadth – that facilitates and funds upper limb treatment and continuity of care for needful musicians at home and on tour.

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1. CARE and support for the shoulder, elbow, and hand problems of uninsured and underinsured professional musicians.

2. EDUCATE musicians, both amateur and professional, on upper limb injuries and preventative techniques that will minimize or prevent musician-specific injuries.

3. BUILD the first physician-surgeon network and musician registry dedicated to facilitating care across the country and around the world.

4. CREATE the first cloud-based platform to allow state-of-the-art remote preoperative, postoperative, and non-operative continuity of care.

5. SHARE new research and outcomes data with the world to illuminate the unique diagnostic and treatment issues facing all musicians.

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