High Resolution Mi-Eye 3 Single-use Angled Arthroscope

The Mi-Eye 3 needlescope is an orthopedic imaging solution allowing a surgeon to perform a full diagnostic arthroscopy (joint view) and endoscopy (carpal tunnel view) utilized a HD tablet system in a relaxed office setting.

Boasting a superb resolution with a 400×400 imaging chip and a 120o viewing angle, the Mi-Eye 3 provides an impressive view of the carpal tunnel in a tiny package. Enabling the surgeon to safely and completely release your carpal tunnel utilzing an extremely small incision (less than the width of your little finger).

Benefits of the Segway ECTR-d System

  • Minimally invasive approach with only a 2.3mm cannula for quicker patient recovery
  • Performed under local anesthesia (just like the dentist))
  • Quick recovrey allowing most patients to return to work within a week
  • NSAIDS or Tylenol typically used for post procedure pain
  • Post-procedure therapy rarely indicated
  • Immediate motion allowed

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