We understand that having surgery on your hand can be a stressful experience as a million thoughts race thru your mind – Will the procedure be painful?  Will it actually work?  Will I see something that will gross me out?


Utilizing local anesthetic medication to numb your hand, and the latest techniques in patient pain and anxiety reduction, we immerse you in a comforting cocoon of sights and sounds that engage the pleasure centers of your mind – triggering pleasant memories, and minimizing your stress and anxiety throughout your procedure.

Coupled with Dr. Grabow’s calming and confident demeanor, these techniques provide our patients the most enjoyable surgery experience as they lay back and relax as their carpal tunnel is cured!


Music is a universal pleasure and translates across all cultures and languages – a fact that is no more evident than in movies – music sets the tone. If the director wants the audience to be on edge, aggressive or ominous music plays and the cadence gets our heart racing.  If the goal of the scene is to lull us into a peaceful state, the tones are soft and cadence slowed.

But personal experiences also play a role in our enjoyment. If you grew up with family barbecues where country music was the permanent soundtrack, or jazz music was your go to during your younger years living in NYC, or maybe you were a flower child in the 6os – play the right music in a relaxing environment and you are transported back to those times with a smile on your face and tapping in your toes.

Dr. Grabow is passionate about music and its benefits to his patients. We will discuss with you the music that you find most enjoyable and relaxing at your initial pre-procedure visit. This enables us to ensure your Carpal Tunnel Spa Experience is as relaxing as possible. As we walk you into the procedure suite, you will be welcomed by your favorite music playing on our custom immersive surround sound system.

What if we don’t have something your like?  With Amazon Music Unlimited we have access to over 75 million songs, but if there is a band, group, or singer that you really want to serenade you during your procedure – bring their music on your phone, tablet, ipod, etc. and we will play it during your procedure. Dr. Grabow has been introduced to some amazing artists by his patients and is always open to listening to something new.


Dr. Grabow designed our Procedure Suite to be a sanctuary of sights and sounds, specifically utilized to ensure your comfort and relaxation during your procedure.  While most of our patients choose to close their eyes and relax and enjoy the immersive experience of their favorite music, they can also choose to lose themselves with our Immersive Video System powered by the most popular video streaming services.

We have a wide assortment of Streaming Video Options!

While Dr.Grabow cures your hand, lose yourself in an intriguing documentary, football game, stand up comedy, or other engaging video on our large screen hi-def television from our multiple streaming services.  For our patients who are big football fans and cannot miss a game –  We’ve Got You Covered! – Thursday Night Football and Carpal Tunnel Release – A Winning Combination. For our more curious patients, we can instead provide a live view of their procedure from the surgeon’s point-of-view using Dr. Grabow’s  SWIS Surgical Video teaching system. While each procedure is unique, most procedures typically last between 20 and 30 minutes.  A small hand wrap bandage is applied after your procedure.

While each procedure is unique, most procedures typically last between 20 and 30 minutes.  A small hand wrap bandage is applied after your procedure.


While our team works hard to ensure your procedure is a relaxing and pleasurable experience, rest assured the outcome of your procedure is Dr. Grabow’s top priority!

Guided by numerous scientific studies confirming the safety and sterility of in-office carpal tunnel release, trigger finger release, cyst excision, and multiple other hand procedures – our procedure team ensures sterility is strictly maintained.  Review Studies on Patient Safety and Procedure Success

While you are relaxing to your favorite music or enjoying a video, your hand will be prepped and sterilized in a multi-step process using alcohol and iodine,  just like Dr. Grabow uses in the operating room. For patient’s allergic to iodine we utilize another topic antiseptic in the hand prep process.

With our teams attention to detail and patient safety, Dr. Grabow provides his patients the same VIP World Class Care he provides to his patients in the operating room.  We do not cut corners on patient safety or sterility but we do cut out the significant extra cost our patients would have to pay out-of-pocket if they had the same procedure done in the operating room.

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