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The UltraguideCTR features:

  • The low profile tapered tip allows the device to be inserted through an extremely small incision – less than the width of your little finger.
  • Stealth MicroGuard balloons gently expand and maintain a safe zone prior to and during transection
  • Meerkat Technology – the TCL Blade is hidden in the tip of the device for safe insertion and removal.
  • The TCL Blade cannot be activated unless the Stealth MicroGuard balloons are inflated.


  • Most patients can return to work and the activities they love within 3-6 days
  • Performed in a procedure room or office setting
  • Typically performed using local anesthesia
  • Small incision typically closed without sutures
  • Aspirin or Ibuprofen typically used for pain management
  • Postoperative therapy typically not required
  • Immediate motion of the hand for rapid recovery

Carpal Tunnel Release with the UltraguideCTR and Ultrasound Guidance

  • Throughout the procedure, the transverse carpal ligament and relevant anatomic structures are visualized directly, in real-time, with ultrasound imaging.
  • The UltraguideCTR is inserted through a small incision (~5mm) over the proximal carpal tunnel region.
  • Meerkat Technology coordinates the activation of the TCL Blade and the inflation of the Stealth MicroGuards.
  • The TCL Blade is initially positioned entirely within the tip and shaft of the UltraguideCTR and can only be activated after the Stealth MicroGuards are deployed.
  • Once in position and the Stealth MicroGuards deployed, the TCL Blade is advanced from the tip of the device to transect, or divide, the transverse carpal ligament.
  • The TCL Blade is returned to the inactive position, within the tip and shaft of the device, and the Stealth MicroGuards are deflated.
  • The UltraguideCTR is removed and the small incision can be closed with an adhesive strip, bandage or sutures as needed.

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