Dr. Grabow is the Founder and Medical Director of Concierge Carpal Tunnel and Hand Surgery and the Grabow Hand to Shoulder Center as well as a prominent double board certified Orthopedic Hand to Shoulder Specialist practicing in Las Vegas, Nevada.  He is an Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at Touro University and is a member of the ViewMedica Medical Animation Advisory Board and the Clinical Editor of their Hand, Wrist, and Elbow animations.

Dr.Grabow is also an inventor, creating and patenting a best-in-class point-of-view video camera system for surgeons.  His company,  SWIS Surgical Video – is a Leader in custom designed Wireless Point-of-View Surgical Video systems used for surgical teaching and remote education.   He is also inventor of The Grabow Hand Surgeon’s Assistant – a revolutionary hand and surgical instrument positioning system that enables surgeons to perform numerous hand procedures without the need for a surgical assistant.  It is this ingenious invention that allows Dr. Grabow to perform numerous hand procedures in his office procedure suite that would otherwise require a surgical assistant in an operating room.



Utilizing the safest and most effective endoscopic carpal tunnel system for patients , Dr. Grabow has been a leader in Carpal Tunnel Care in the Las Vegas Valley Community.  With a quick return to work and normal activities, Dr. Grabow’s patients continue to marvel at the ease of recovering from his carpal tunnel release procedures.

Dr. Grabow is aware of the challenges many patients face in receiving expert care for their carpal tunnel hand pain, numbness, and tingling.  Surgical costs, general anesthesia medical clearance issues, and blood thinners all presented obstacles for many patients to safely, easily, and affordably have their carpal tunnel syndrome cured.  Dr. Grabow dedicated himself and the focus of his concierge practice to mastering the most advanced and cutting-edge cures for carpal tunnel syndrome and becoming a Worldwide Center for Excellence for the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome!


This dedication led him to seek advanced fellowship training with Sonex Health at their Institute for Advanced Ultrasound Guided Procedures in the use of their revolutionary UltraGuideCTR™  – Ultrasound Guided Carpal Tunnel Release System.  Dr. Grabow’s expertise in Ultrasound Guided procedures coupled with the Sonex UltraGuideCTR™ system allows him to provide patients a safe, effective, and affordable cure for their debilitating carpal tunnel syndrome in the relaxed spa-like comfort of our In-Office Procedure Suite.


In addition to Dr. Grabow’s expertise in this Ultrasound Guided Cure for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, he is also the regions leading expert in use of the groundbreaking Segway Single-Portal Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release System using theMi-Eye3 NeedleScope. This cutting-edge high definition camera technology, allows Dr. Grabow to perform safe, efficient, and affordable endoscopic carpal tunnel release under local anesthesia in the spa-like comfort of our custom designed In-Office Procedure Suite.

Dr. Grabow is the only hand specialist in the nation trained in both Endoscopic and Ultrasound Guided In-Office Minimally Invasive Carpal Tunnel Release under local anesthesia.  This expertise in multiple options for carpal tunnel release allows Dr. Grabow to provide his patients the best minimally invasive in-office carpal tunnel release procedure based on their anatomy.

After a detailed ultrasound examination of his patient’s median nerve and carpal tunnel, Dr. Grabow recommends the safest treatment option for their hand. While other surgeons will use the same procedure for every patient, Dr. Grabow treats every patient as an individual and chooses the best treatment based on their unique anatomy.


While it is not a necessity for a surgeon to suffer hand problems so that he can have compassion and empathy for his patients  – it truly gives that surgeon a unique perspective that only a patient can have! 

Dr. Grabow has been on the opposite side of the scalpel many times (carpal tunnel release, cubital tunnel release, wrist tendon repair, broken wrist fixation, and ankle osteotomy).  While these surgeries are in the past, the lessons they taught shaped Dr. Grabow into the surgeon he is today.  He understands the pain and frustration of those suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. (Imagine having the daily symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome as patients come to see you with the same complaints – that was during Dr. Grabow’s experience in fellowship until he had surgery.)

Dr. Grabow also understands the fear and anxiety that affects patients undergoing any procedure, but especially those on their hands. That is why he has custom designed his clinic, exam rooms, and In-Office Procedure Suite to be a tranquil and relaxing spa-like experience for his patients.  With a soothing architectural design, calming lights, and relaxing music and videos playing throughout the clinic and during in-office procedures, Dr. Grabow’s goal is to minimize his patients’ anxiety and help them to focus on the hope and joy of finally having relief of their hand pain.



When the Coronavirus crisis surged, Dr. Grabow was moved by the tremendous grit, determination, and sacrifice of his colleagues serving on the front lines in the battle against Covid-19.  Many of them having to face this deadly virus wearing nothing more than a simple face shield or ski googles and a mask.   He realized that as an orthopedic surgeon he was better protected wearing a total joint hood doing a shoulder replacement than most of his fellow frontline healthcare warriors facing Covid-19.  A product of the Jesuit education at Cleveland St. Ignatius High School, Dr. Grabow was instilled with the Jesuit duty to be “Men for Others” and needed to find a way to help.

Unfortunately, Dr. Grabow also knew there was realistically no way to provide total joint hoods to all the doctors, nurses, and techs working in the ERs and ICUs around the country.   With orthopedic cases shut down – there were plenty of total joint hoods at every hospital but no way to use them on a large scale.  So he went to work to invent a way to do just that!

Having an impressive track record of solving the challenges of mounting wireless point-of-view cameras on total joint hoods, surgical headlights, and everything else a surgeon wears in the OR – Dr. Grabow was uniquely equipped to tackle this dilemma.

Knowing the solution needed to be reusable, easily sanitized, work with any total joint hood, and also utilize any clear solid plastic sheeting as a standard face – Dr. Grabow put his CAD design skills to work and within 48 hrs – the STAY STRONG FACE SHIELD SYSTEM was born!

Inspired by his colleagues’ tireless service around the world, the shield visor was emblazoned with the same message of hope, grit, and determination exhibited by his front-line healthcare colleagues.  A message to be shared with medical personnel and patients alike – STAY STRONG!

Dr. Grabow went into 24/7 production and donated Stay Strong Face Shields to hospitals throughout the valley. Seeing the need to expand the production and delivery of STAY STRONG SHIELDS, he quickly put together a team to help produce and donate Stay Strong Face Shields not only to hospitals throughout the Las Vegas valley, but throughout the country in cities facing the greatest surges. Over a thousand Stay Strong reusable Face Shields were donated around the country to protect our dedicated front line healthcare workers.

Recognizing the life- saving potential of his creation and the need to share it with as many frontline healthcare warriors as possible – Dr. Grabow founded the Battle Born Maker Corps to help freely share the Stay Strong Face Shield printing files with 3D printing enthusiasts (aka Makers) around the world. Makers from all over the US and internationally, have been joining the Battle Born Maker Corps and downloading the printing files to help outfit front-line healthcare warriors throughout the world.

Dr. Grabow’s Innovative Stay Strong Face Shield Invention was selected as one of the winners of the  For Such A Time As This – OrthoChallenge , which sought to identify new and innovative ways to provide care to orthopedic patients during the nation-wide elective surgery shut-down.  While the Stay Strong Face Shield enabled front-line healthcare workers to be protected while providing necessary care to patients, it was his invention of The Grabow Hand Surgeon’s Assistant, that enabled him to continue providing necessary hand surgery procedures for his patients in his office procedure suite when all the operating rooms were shut down to elective surgeries. Not surprisingly, patients actually preferred this concierge in-office treatment for their hand procedures done under local anesthesia and have continued to benefit with this approach with the expansion of his In-Office Procedure Days and Services.



In addition to his award for the For Such A Time As This – OrthoChallenge, Dr. Grabow has received numerous Patient Choice Awards throughout his career due to the caring, compassion, and time he devotes to each of his patients. If you choose to have your hands treated at our practice you will quickly understand first hand why Dr. Grabow is a patient favorite!





While Dr. Grabow enjoys helping his patients, and experiences great pride and satisfaction in his inventions, his greatest joy and creation is his son Grayson.  An inquisitive, mischevious, and always on the go toddler – Grayson already takes after his father and keeps him on his toes.

As every parent will agree, you can’t truly appreciate the love and sacrifice of your parents till you are blessed to experience it yourself.  Thankfully Dr. Grabow was blessed with an amazing role model in his father Ray Grabow and mother Peggy.  Having experienced “golfer’s elbow” from repeatedly lifting his 30lb toddler, Dr. Grabow understands what his patients face as they navigate their symptoms while parenting.




With an active toddler at home, most of Dr. Grabow’s free time is focused on Grayson and his wife Heidi, who is an outstanding partner and the team leader for the 24/7 Team Grayson.  When time allows Dr. Grabow is an avid fisherman, golfer, scuba diver, snow boarder, and craps player. However, with an active toddler at home free time for he and his wife is usually take out and Netflix.






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